"That Rug Really Tied the Room Together"

Well now I know why they call it a Happy Meal. 

Because the small portions certainly do not make me happy. 

Things I learned watching Reefer Madness:


  • Kill people.
  • Run over people in your car.
  • Kill your entire family with a lamp.
  • Become sexually promiscuous.
  • Become prone to violent outbursts.
  • Be sentenced to death.
  • Try to rape people.
  • Live in sin.
  • Jump out the window of the courthouse and kill yourself.
  • Become criminally insane.
  • Have an affair.
  • Shame your family.
  • Hallucinate a woman stripping in front of you and kill her while fighting over the gun.
  • Drop out of college and become a drug dealer.
  • Have uncontrollable laughter while reading William Shakespeare.
  • Beat people to death with a curtain rod.
  • Worship Satan. 
  • Destroy your brain.
  • Think people want to kill you and kill them first.
  • Pistol whip people.
  • Die a horrible death.

Resist the dreadful evil of marijuana or this could be your life according to Reefer Madness.

A single joint will destroy your family.

ABC News Blogs Farmer Crushes 7 Police Cars With Tractor

Police in Vermont in hot pursuit of a suspect were without wheels when their quarry, an irate farmer with a tractor, allegedly crushed nearly half the department’s fleet of vehicles.

Orleans County police say 34-year-old Roger Pion, of Newport, Vt., drove a red tractor over seven vehicles in the parking lot of the county’s Sheriff’s Department Thursday afternoon, flattening their quest to apprehend the suspect.

Police inside the department’s office were unaware of the destruction happening outside until they received a 911 call and heard a horn blaring outside, Chief Deputy Philip Brooks told the Burlington Free Press.

Left with no cars, Brooks had to run to a nearby service station where another car was being worked on to try to catch Pion.

“We had nothing to pursue him with,” Brooks told the paper. “It’s more than half our fleet. We have 11 cars.”

He is expected in court today to face seven counts of felony unlawful mischief, one misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief on suspicion of damaging the cars, one charge of leaving the scene of an accident, one count of grossly negligent operation and aggravated assault on Newport City police after he allegedly tried to back the tractor into a city cruiser while being pursued.

Police say that Pion had been arrested last month by Newport city police for charges of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.



Alcohol didn’t cause the high crime rates of the ’20s and ’30s, Prohibition did. And drugs do not cause today’s alarming crime rates, but drug prohibition does.
US District Judge James C. Paine
Ohio High School Kingpin Arrested in Major Drug Bust

Ohio police have arrested an alleged drug kingpin, a 17-year-old accused of running a multimillion dollar ring that distributed high-grade marijuana through two school districts and netted $20,000 a month.

When cops raided the boy’s bedroom at his parents’ home, they found over $6,000 in cash, prosecutors said.

Authorities have not released the student’s name, because he was a 16-year-old minor at the time he committed the alleged drug deals. Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said the boy will be tried as juvenile.

Cops first became aware of a high-grade hydroponic strain of marijuana being sold for $350-$400 an ounce in the Mason school district near Cincinnati last year. An undercover agent began making buys at Mason High School, where the teenager was a student, and uncovered a dealing operation headed by the arrested student.

“The undercover officer uncovered six students or former students working for that individual and trafficking drugs in two school districts,” Fornshell told ABC News.

The marijuana previously sold in the areas was a lower-grade variety smuggled into the U.S. through the border, but the weed they began seeing last year was a much more expensive product.

Authorities seized 600 plants from the three grow houses, with an estimated street value of $3 million.

When will the government realize drug that prohibition is a failure?

You’re wasting tax dollars fighting a loosing battle.

Not to mention you are oppressing people simply because you don’t agree with what they want to put in their own bodies.

On a different note however, these kids were probably learning more by operating the drug ring than they did in the classroom. 20,000 a month is more that some people make in a year.


Cops: We need to crack down on marijuana to save the children! You want ten year olds to start smoking?
Me: What kind of ten year old has money to buy pot?


(Toke of the TownA 19-year-old Syrian and a 21-year-old British man were sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates on Monday for allegedly selling marijuana to an undercover policeman.

The Briton’s mother collapsed outside Criminal Court in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., after the verdict was announced as the Syrian’s mother tried to comfort her, telling her they could appeal the decision, reports Haneen Dajani atThe National.

The two young men were caught after an officer posing as a customer bought 20 grams (about three-quarters of an ounce) of cannabis for Dh1,500 (just over $400 American). The officer had earlier bought Dh500 ($136) worth to test it and confirm it was actually marijuana.

This is actually more common than you think. Many countries make drug offenses punishable by death.

Milton Friedman discussing the War on Drugs.

Milton Friedman discussing the War on Drugs.


Scumbag Obama

Obama: Fucking Fascist!


Scumbag Obama

Obama: Fucking Fascist!