"That Rug Really Tied the Room Together"
How many guns do you need for self defense?

Hella guns. 

You know I keep hearing this:

"Blind people shouldn’t have guns" 

So people with disabilities aren’t allowed to have the means to defend themselves? How ableist of you. 

One of my good friends is legally blind, he has his concealed weapons permit, went through all the training, and carries responsibly.

So fuck you. 

I carry everywhere I go.

You should too. 

Bears are one of largest fears. 

I am so happy I am protected against bears. 

You can’t rely on the police to be there all the time. 

Oklahoma is a very friendly open carry state. 

I think the best thing about open carry is that you don’t have to worry about imprinting. 

I don’t support any business that has a gun buster sign on the door. 

You know what, if he didn’t want to get shot he shouldn’t have been piece of shit.

When someone participates in an armed robbery and they get shot by people who are defending themselves, there is no one to blame but the perpetrator. 

He made the choice to break the law and harm innocent people and he received the consequences of making such a poor choice. 

"He stuck the knife out there and said ‘Give me your money,’ and I said ‘You go to hell!’” 


Got some really good books today!

Got some really good books today!

Your movement must really not be doing too well if you have to lie about your victories. 

Of course this is the same movement that listed the Boston Bombers as victims of gun violence so what can you really expect.